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About Us

AR Experts

Get rid of delays. Get rid of denials. Collect more. 97%+

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Clear evaluations of your practice’s methods and patterns, so you can make informed changes, boost efficiency, and grow your business freely

Credentialing & Enrollment

Never miss out on revenue because of preventable oversights

A Team of Billers for Each Client

Multiple eyes on each account means less errors and higher collection rates for clients

We are a small, locally owned company , we strive to  have personal relationships with our clients. 

Software Flexible

We’ll work with software system you prefer. We have years of experience with many practice management platforms and most Electronic Health Record platforms. Thus, no need to change your current system. However, if you’d like to make a change, we’re happy to recommend software platforms to fit your specific needs. If you’d prefer to not use a software platform, that’s fine too. Many of our clients still mail or securely email us their superbills.

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