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An effective biller pays appropriate attention to all stages of the revenue cycle. At Mangine Medical Solutions, our unique, team-based approach is carefully managed and built upon a foundation of consistency, redundancy, and transparency. Each claim processed is reviewed by 3-6 members of operational staff, which greatly reduces the chance of error. Plus, our AR team meticulously combs through data to find ways to improve efficiency. To learn more about our proven medical billing services and the providers and specialties we serve, please contact us. 


Without proper and up to date Insurance Credentialing/Payer Enrollment, all other aspects of the medical billing cycle are irrelevant. As the application processes vary by payer and are frequently burdensome to a practice’s staff, Mangine Medical Solutions will manage initial and ongoing credentialing with the appropriate payers in the practice region.


We  provide complete-cycle medical billing services. You provide demographic information on each patient and charge information for each visit. We do the rest. For hospital-based physicians, demographics are accessed via the respective hospital web portal. Our charge-entry team enters charges on a daily basis, with checks in place to ensure that each patient encounter is captured for submission to the appropriate payer. We offer and encourage the use of a verification process for this purpose.


Clean information in, clean information out. Why wait 2-3 weeks for a denial on a claim that could have been anticipated. With a combination of human expertise and industry standard software, our office has processes in place to 1) ensure acceptance of the claim by the payer, and 2) make appropriate corrections to claims that would otherwise be denied.


Mangine Medical Solutions accesses payment information in one of two ways:

Electronic Remittance Advice files (ERA’s), which are posted automatically to the patient’s financial account; and

Paper Remittance Notices, which are forwarded to us upon receipt by the practice.

The ERA’s and Remittance Notices are heavily scrutinized by our Payment Posting Team and our software to ensure appropriate payment. If there is a remaining balance on a claim or a claim is denied, it becomes the responsibility of our expert Accounts Receivable team.


Mangine Medical Solutions utilizes processes on the front end of the medical billing cycle to limit the number of claims that are denied or underpaid. However, another level of rigorous follow-up is in place if denials do occur. Our experienced Accounts Receivable specialists are trained to identify the appropriate response to the varied denials that arise. They are also trained to recognize patterns and communicate with the other  team members, as well as practice staff, to prevent repeat denials in the future. Once it is determined that insurance has appropriately paid its allowed amount, there may be a balance due to the Patient.


In recent years, healthcare costs have shifted. With an expanded selection of medical plans, patients have taken on a greater percentage of costs. Now, more than ever, medical billers must take action to ensure timely patient payments. We understand this need and has procedures in place to assist. With automated billing reminders, our team periodically calls patients with outstanding charges and reminds them to pay. 


Having confirmed that all other payers have appropriately reimbursed the practice for a submitted claim, a remaining balance may be owed by the patient. In these instances, a statement will be generated with a detailed and patient-friendly explanation of the balance due. Should the patient have questions concerning his/her statement, he/she may contact our Patient Help Line.


Mangine Medical Solutions strives to provide ample data in a clear concise format, so that each practice can make informed decisions concerning its growth and practice patterns. Toward that end, we offer:

Transactions (charges, payments, submissions) are logged daily and made available to the physician.

Depending on the preference of the physician, monthly reports may include, but are not limited to the following:

Charges, Payments, Adjustments analyses

Financial Class report for charges and payments

Payer mix analysis

AR Aging by payer

Collections report

Procedure code analysis


The complete set up of your practice will take, on average, three to six months once Phase 1 is complete. Our goal is to set up the practice to maximize reimbursement, minimize expenses, maximize patient volume, and to develop an efficient and well organized practice. We will facilitate and coordinate all aspects of the practice set up including, but not limited to:

Project management – ensure deadlines, timelines, delivery dates, etc. are met for a successful practice opening.

Reimbursement – initial acquisition, or re-assignment, of your managed care contracts.

Billing office set up – in-house or outsourced

EMR implementation

Marketing – create awareness, announcements, practice materials, identification of referral sources, etc.

Human resources – staff hiring and training, policies and procedures, job descriptions, etc.

Physical practice set up – IT, telecom, office and clinical furniture, equipment and supplies, etc.

What our customers are saying

“Since my company has started using Mangine Medical Solutions, our revenue is up and our AR is down for the first time in years. I now feel comfortable expanding and growing my practice with such a stable RCM company.”

Ashur Khan, M.D.

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